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  Rare values
these are the rare values of habbz, i may have missed a few but just leave a comment on that if you notice. prices do change and these numbers are with in 50-100c of there actual price. if some one knows the rest please contact me! V.I.P's- big ben- 400c white icm-250c ob pillows-150c igor ray gun-200c directors chair-250c hump chair-250c cinema chair-200 bouble juice floor-100c bouble juice can-100c lava lamp-200c penguin-500c laser light-800c penguin trophy-200c blood fountains-150c disco ball-300c rope divider-150c brian-350c colippo icm-300c puffet sofa-200c all slerpys-250c stage lights-100c micro phone-100c nokia wall phone- 150-200c habbo wood spot light-200c idea agency big TV-350c igor switch-300c katana-150c dj mixing board-200c habbo leap day poster-100c gondola-250c danger signs-100c green teles-150-200c gold tracks machine-200c Rares- speakers corner-200c sleeping bags- 400c habbo cola machine-600c moon rug-100c snow rug-100c petals-150c sand rug-100c hammock-300c umbrella-250c habbo turn table-300c dino egg-300c gold nelly-300c silver nelly-200c bronze nelly-150c amber lamp-350c typo- 500c bird bath-500c russian samova-400c holo girl/boy-150c sky dragon- 500c super rares- red pillow-1000c HC sofa-2000c throne- 30000-50000c fire dragon- 1000c island dragon- 2000c santa dragon-1500c tree dragon-2000c royal dragon-4000c penguin dragon- 1500c red laser gate- 1000c aussie outback tree- 500c camp fire- 800c dimond plates- 2000c star tile-400c
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